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New Module Beds

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All trucks manufactured by MTS Trucks are created on top of special ordered chassis.  We work with Industry leaders Kenworth and Peterbilt truck chassis to ensure your finished module truck the best quality.

Your truck will be assembled by our experienced staff at our Texas Facility

Drive System


The gear box or mechanical drive system for module trucks was the original and most popular method used to drive the cotton module bed chains. In the earlier years, a 4-speed auxiliary transmission was placed in the drive system to allow the addition of an auxiliary power take-off but we have replaced this system with a sturdier 1202 2 speed auxiliary transmission and a top mounted power take-off for better reliability. 

This power take-off provides the power to the gearboxes that drive the bed chains. A shear plate assembly is installed at the power take-off connection to provide overload protection for the gearboxes and power take-off transmission.  The correct combination of gearbox ratios and sprocket sizes allows for near perfect timing of the bed chains to the trucks drive system. The MTS gearbox drive system provides smoother loading and less maintenance than other mechanical drive systems.


The MTS hydraulic drive system is an alternative to the mechanical drive system and has become the most popular system available. The hydraulic drive system has advantages and features that are not available in the mechanical drive system. The hydraulic drive system does not rely on the truck’s mechanical drive system to provide power and synchronization to the bed chains. The MTS hydraulic drive system is the most powerful and the simplest hydraulic drive system on the market.

This system has one high volume hydraulic pump combined with one low speed-high torque drive motor that powers the bed chains. The speed of the bed chains is matched to the truck ground speed by a simple electronic controller.

Through this electronic controller, the bed chains automatically stop when the module has reached the front of the truck and presses on the module stop. The operator is not required to stop the truck when the module is completely loaded onto the bed. This can be extremely beneficial in muddy or sandy soil conditions or other poor loading conditions. The MTS hydraulic drive system has the power to load extremely heavy cotton modules under most all adverse conditions.

Common Features

All MTS beds have 12 bed tubes that are manufactured from 3″ x 6″ steel tubing with a 3/16″ thick wall. This larger tubing eliminates the need for extra longitudinal reinforcement bracing or sag bracing.

The sub frame for the MTS bed is designed to fit inside the frame rails of the chassis. When the subframe sits outside of the chassis frame rails there is always the likelihood of tires rubbing against the subframe due to the chassis frame shifting from worn chassis suspension parts.

The bed lift cylinders are located on the outside of the frame rails of the chassis. This creates more stability as the bed is raised or lowered. It also improves ease of maintenance on the cylinders and fittings when they require service.

The MTS half-shaft assembly consists of a drive sprocket, 6 chain sprockets and four bearings. This design makes the shaft assembly interchangeable with either the right or left side of the bed. All the sprockets are keyed and the set screws are countersunk into the shaft to prevent them from drifting out of alignment.

Oiling the bed chains and maintaining the correct tension on the bed chains is essential to the life of the chains. MTS was the first module truck manufacturer to introduce an automatic chain oiling system on the module truck bed. Flip a switch and the chains are oiled.

Many methods of tensioning the bed chains have been tried by all the module truck manufacturers. All the methods employed are hard and labor intensive or extremely expensive. MTS developed a high-tension, inexpensive spring that is hidden inside the back of the bed tube. This tightening system is foolproof and only requires loosening and tightening a pair of bolts. As the bed chains stretch from constant use, simply loosen the sideplate bolts. The power of this spring will push the tail sprocket assembly out to the correct tension required. Then simply tighten the sideplate bolts back.

All MTS chassis are ordered with 2 speed differentials. The 2 speed differential enables you to load a module at the ideal loading speed with less torque and strain on the drive train system. It also allows the driver to shift from the low to high range, while the truck is moving, in order to reach the desired road speed. MTS strongly recommends the use of a 2 speed differential or to add a 2 speed auxiliary transmission in order to lower the torque and strain on the chassis drive system as well as the bed drive system.

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